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Faunus Dogfood

Our mission at Faunus Dogfood is to offer the most natural, tasty and highly digestible food for your beloved four-legged friend at an affordable price. The welfare, happiness and health of your dog should be more important than the profit margin.

We do not believe in some of the current trends, fairy tales or hypes. We do not therefore jump on the card of the grain-free diet or the diet consisting solely of meat. The fairy tale of the wolf is not our cup of tea. Of course there are many things that the dog has in common with its illustrious ancestor, but in the field of digestion there is a significant difference after thousands of years of domestication. The big difference is that the dog, unlike the wolf, can digest starch and convert it into energy. In order to guarantee optimal digestion, it is very important here that the sources of starch are well thermally pre-treated. In other words the carbohydrates are first heated briefly so that they can be optimally digested and absorbed. For this reason we only use rice, buckwheat, oatmeal carob etc.

Faunus Dogfood is certainly not in favour of potato, which is often used in the popular ‘grain-free’ formulas. Nutrition with potato is after all less digestible than food with rice and grains, and contains substances that are far from optimal for the health of your dog.

We notice that the heating is too long and too bright and too intense for ‘crispy’ or ‘extruded’ chunks. The chunk starts with a dough, a kind of mulch, which is baked under very high pressure (up to 60 bar !). This gives ‘light’ but very ‘sterile’ chunks.  This baking destroys the structures of the proteins, is detrimental to the nutritional, is in short very bad for the quality.
We have opted for the cold pressing of the chunks, because this is a natural process and has a digestion process that can be compared with that of fresh meat. It is therefore great to combine with fresh meat if you want to spoil your dog occasionally. By pressing the chunks at much lower temperature there is less oxidation and consequently much less harmful substances are released. It is also very important that the raw materials remain intact during cold pressing. Furthermore, it is extremely beneficial that the much needed vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids remain undamaged. Many people only look at the amount and ratio protein/fat, but do not understand that the origin of the protein and the fat is much more important than the absolute values…
For an adult dog, chunks with, for example, 20-25% of a high-quality protein (high biological value) is more than enough to meet all its needs. High levels of protein, and certainly when derived from inferior proteins, are unnecessary and even increase the chance of allergic reactions. Also the unnecessary proteins must be processed by the liver and then the kidneys, which certainly does not benefit the health. The use of high-quality and pure fats is very important, because fat plays an important role in the functioning of the muscles, the supply of energy and the functioning of the organs of the dog.
At Faunus we opt for quality, not quantity !
For us it is crucial to have a balance between on the one hand a large amount of raw materials of animal origin (with a very limited number of protein sources per type of food) and on the other hand a perfectly matching proportion of the right fats, vitamins, oils and carbohydrates. The use of as few protein sources as possible per product type reduces the risk of allergies and intolerances.

To provide everything your dog needs to lead a long, healthy, happy and active life, we are very strict on the application of a number of principles that are never deviated from :
• Only pure beef fat. Coconut fat can offer added value in some product types. We avoid the cheaper chicken or poultry fat because it does not guarantee sufficient quality.
• No artificial or chemical substances to give our food colour or taste or to preserve it. Therefor only 9 months shelf life !!
• Only natural antioxidants. Therefor only 9 months shelf life !
• All ingredients are NON-GMO, so never genetically manipulated raw materials..
• The majority of our products contain pure salmon oil for a shiny coat.
• Always the same quality of high-quality raw materials, regardless of the price on the raw material market. We do not let ourselves tempted to ‘bargains’, quality always prevails.
• Only raw materials that are suitable for human consumption.
In short, at Faunus Dogfood we make every effort to always provide you with the best quality and service to give your dog the life he deserves.

Faunus Dogfood