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Salmon Delight is a complete and balanced cold-pressed dog food specially developed for dogs that suffer from food hypersensitivity, food allergies, stomach/intestinal problems and (wheat) gluten intolerance. It can also help dogs with nutritional-related irritations on the skin and coat. Dull coats is definitely a thing of the past with Salmon Delight. This is also suitable for dogs with overweight.

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The MINI range consists of the MINI Salmon Delight and the MINI Suprême Chicken & BW.

It is identical in composition and properties to its big brothers Salmon Delight and Suprême Chicken & BW. However, the grain is a lot smaller, namely the same size as the puppy small chunk. The size of the chunk has been specially adapted so that the Small & Mini breeds up to about 10 kg adult weight can easily eat them.

All our chunks are soft and can actually be eaten by all dog breeds, but we are happy to respond to the demand from many customers to also release FAUNUS in small format.

Salmon Delight is a complete and balanced cold-pressed dog food specially developed for dogs that suffer from food hypersensitivity, food allergies, stomach/intestinal problems and (wheat) gluten intolerance. It can also help dogs with nutritional-related irritations on the skin and coat. Dull coats is definitely a thing of the past with Salmon Delight. This is also suitable for dogs with overweight.

For Salmon Delight we consciously choose to work with a greatly reduced protein and fat content. The low protein because many dogs with (presumed or not) allergies cannot tolerate high protein levels, but are not allergic to a particular protein source. The low fat content serves to relieve sensitive stomach and intestines and contribute to a light and digestible diet.

With this formula we want to offer a full and permanent alternative to the often very expensive diet that is purchased through the vet and that weighs heavily on the monthly budget .

It is an extremely suitable food for domestic dogs and show dogs, who need a beautiful coat to perform at the dog shows. The use of coconut fat and salmon ensures that the coat shines and stays healthy.

Because the coconut oil in this formula contributes to the increase of the metabolism and we work with a greatly reduced protein and fat content, it is an excellent diet to make a dog who is overweight lose weight or keep a dog with a tendency to overweight at its ideal weight.

Also for dogs with sensitive intestines or true stomach bowl problems Salmon Delight brings solace. The use of salmon as the only and highly digestible protein source together with the easily digestible coconut fat and the highly digestible carbohydrate sources ensure that the stomach and intestines of the dog are relieved. Due to the high degree of uptake and digestibility your dog has a small amount of beautiful and solid stools. Later on you will also be able to read about the beneficial effects of oatmeal on the functioning of stomach and intestines.

Working with salmon as the sole source of protein ensures us that we can exclude most of the allergies for protein. Salmon contains the good fats omega 3 & 6, which, among other things, ensure a beautiful coat.

Thermally pre-treated brown rice is, as is known, light and very digestible and an important part of this formula. This rice is rich in thiamine, also known as B1. Thiamine is essential for the metabolism, the functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system. Vitamin B6 is important for resistance and plays a role in the formation and development of blood cells. Rice also contains biotin, which provides shiny hair and a beautiful skin. The protein in brown rice is of good quality as it contains the essential amino acids.

The oatmeal in this formula contains beta glucan, a soluble fibre that quickly gives satiety. Fibers act as a lubricant in the intestines, making the gastrointestinal effect optimal. Fiber-rich food has a good influence on the metabolism. The prebiotic properties of the fibers in oatmeal are a good breeding ground for the good bacteria and therefore ensure a good intestinal flora. Oatmeal contains a high concentration of slow and complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are good for the muscles and provide a slow and efficient energy supply. It is therefore not surprising that horses and bodybuilers get oatmeal to perform well. It also contains important vitamins and minerals, such as silicon, saponins, magnesium, iron, vitamin K, vitamin E and vitamin B1.

Sorghum is a crop that can be counted among the grasses, the seeds and the grains. It contains, like rice and maize, no gluten that can cause allergies .Sorghum contains a lot of fiber and thus it helps digestion. Sorghum contains a lot of magnesium. Magnesium increases the absorption of calcium, which is good for the bones of your dog. Sorghum contains many antioxidants that are good against inflammatory diseases. In comparison with fruit and other grains, it has a high nutritional value.

Coconut fat has many special qualities. Coconut fat (it is only oil from 24°) has an antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effect. It ensures that vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients are better absorbed. It has positive effects on skin, coat, digestion and thyroid gland. The lauric acid in coconut fat can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, so that infections are prevented. Coconut fat strengthens the metabolism and the immune system.

Carob flour contains polyphenols that are powerful antioxidants that protect the body of the dog from damage caused by free radicals and toxins. It is also rich in calcium which keeps the bones strong and selenium that protects the body against infections. Carob flour is also a natural seasoning, such as chocolate for a dog (but of course without the harmful theobromine).

Tapioca nourishes the ‘friendly’ bacteria in the intestine, reducing the number of inflammations and the number of harmful bacteria. It is also gluten-free.

Phosphorus is of great importance in dog food. It plays an important metabolic role and has more physiological functions than the other minerals. It influences crucial processes such as growth, energy transfer, fertility and the development of the skeleton. Monocalcium is considered one of the best absorbable phosphorus sources.

Brewer’s yeast contains proteins, lecithin and amino acids that increase resistance to infections. They help to avoid diseases and heal them faster. It also ensures a beautiful coat.

Besides the prebiotic fibers in oatmeal, Salmon Delight also contains prebiotics in the form of inulin made from chicory root. It is a soluble sugar (FOS) that nourishes the good bacteria of the intestinal flora. Inulin improves the absorption of magnesium and calcium and has a beneficial effect on intestinal health and digestion.

In short : Salmon Delight is an exceptional and very versatile diet. It can serve both for a fully healthy dog, for a show dog and for a dog with various sensitivities and intolerances or overweight. The result is comparable everywhere : a happy, lively dog with a nice coat and good stool. We are very proud of our food.

Hydrated and ground salmon meat, thermally pre-treated brown rice, thermally pre-treated oatmeal , thermally pre-treated sorghum, oils and fats, carob flour, beet pulp, dextrose, tapioca, brewer’s yeast, mono-calcium phosphate, inulin.

Raw protein: 20,0%, Raw fat: 10,6%, Raw fiber: 3,9%, Raw ash:6,2%, Calcium: 1,0%, Phosphorus: 0,8%

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (E 672): 15000 IE/kg, Vitamin D3 (E671): 1500 IE/kg, Vitamin E dl-alpha- tocopheryl acetate:: 250,00 Mg, Vitamin C: 75,00 Mg, E1 Fe chelated amino acids (hydrated):: 50,00Mg, E2 Potassium iodide: 1,50 Mg, E4 Cu(II)sulfate-pentahydrate: 7,00 Mg, E5 Mn(II)oxide: 35,00 Mg, E6 Zinc oxide: 75,00 Mg, E8 Sodium selenite: 0,45 Mg, natural antioxidants: 250,00 Mg

Weight of the dog Amount per day 
2 – 5 kg 60 – 120 gr.
5 – 10 kg 120 – 180 gr.
10 – 20 kg 180 – 300 gr.
20 – 30 kg 300 – 410 gr.
30 – 40 kg 410 – 510 gr.
40 – 60 kg 510 – 600 gr.
60 – 80 kg 600 – 750 gr.
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